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There is a difference between BEING on social media and actually WINNING.

ESV Creative, LLC is a Texas-based digital services and social media firm that empowers clients to grow their audience, build stronger relationships, and drive results.

With experience spanning the realm of political campaigns, advocacy efforts and corporate engagements, we are uniquely positioned to integrate with your team and turn up the temperature on your social media conversations. Leveraging top-of-the-line analytics and bottom-line budgets, we help you turn social media from a nice diversion into an essential tool.

founder & ceo

Eliza Vielma is the de facto sorority sister of the political social media realm in Texas and beyond. The early adopter’s early adopter, she identified the power of emerging social media technology to connect the like-minded and build effective coalitions. With her bright personality, quick wit and eye for emerging trends, she has established herself as a respected influencer. She concluded her tenure as Digital Artist-in-Residence for Overflow Communications in 2016,during which she supported political and corporate clients in leading fruitful conversations with their target audiences.

As Director of Communications for Texas State Senator Brandon Creighton (R-Conroe), Eliza excelled at the full range of legislative communications including media relations, social media audience building and constituent affairs.

Prior to that, she won acclaim for her work as Director of Digital Media for Lt. Governor David Dewhurst on both his campaign and stateside teams. Previously, she spent six years as the Director of New Media and Legislative Affairs for Americans for Prosperity – Texas, where she established the organization as a leading voice in the discourse that shaped policy and influenced elections. 

Generous by nature, she has happily shared her social media wisdom with conservative communicators at every skill level as one of the original founders AFP Foundation’s first RightOnline Conference, which welcomed more than 600 activists and bloggers to Austin, Texas. 

In short, Eliza puts the “social” in social media: building relationships, advancing strategy, leveraging key metrics and driving results.

co-founder of rightonline

RightOnline was the first-ever conservative event created to counter the left-wing Netroots Nation Convention, an annual gathering of what the media called the most concentrated gathering of high-profile progressive bloggers to date.

Named a top #txlege influencer by influence opinions

Influence Opinions named her an influencer for two of the previous Texas Legislative Sessions, citing the reach of her efforts and the depth of the ensuing conversations.

sxsw interactive 2014 presenter

When the Texas Legislature took up abortion legislation, planned and spontaneous social media filled the Capitol with thousands of activists and delivered a global participatory audience. The Unruly Mob Would Like to Comment was a policy track at SXSW Interactive that showcased the battle-tested techniques from those in opposing trenches and in between.

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